Rebeliss, the London based activewear brand was born in 2019 providing an outlet for a combination of the family’s talents and passions.

A business minded momma, fitness enthusiast daughter, and a son with a passion for design came together to create what you see today as Rebeliss. 

Our Mission...

The main goal during the creation of Rebeliss, and many rounds of prototypes, was to ensure that the products did not skimp on quality and comfort. This is why Rebeliss leggings are made with either a 27 or 35% spandex blend and feature an ultra high waist- Providing what feels like a silky soft second skin, and ensuring wearers always feel amazing, whilst working up a sweat.

Slide Providing a silky smooth second skin empowering women to feel amazing whether its working up a sweat or walking to the coffee shop Rebeliss
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